Researching, Manufacturing and Distributing  new premium botanical ingredients

"We are an efficient company engaged in the development, manufacturing and distribution of high quality ingredients for cosmetic and food industrial applications.

Based in Patos de Minas, Brazil (southwestern part of the country), our facility is equipped with modern technology able to supply a range of new and unique high quality ingredient extracted from certified cultivation and/or wild-harvested fruits, leaves, barks, roots and seeds found throughout the Brazilian Amazon, Pantanal, Atlantic Forest, Caatinga and Cerrado biomes.

Motivated to overcome the challenges of providing new ingredients and assuring the quality we've learned to value, we bring all the Brazilian botanical diversity has to offer to the ever changing cosmetic industry,

Our facility, located in Minas Gerais, with easy access to all of Brazil’s unique botanical diversity, houses efficient modern equipment which enables us to supply a range of unique ingredients with therapeutic, high quality floral ingredients, oils and butters, extracted from select certified cultivation and/or wild-harvested fruits and seeds found throughout the country’s biomes to fulfill the needs of the most exigent market.

Partnered with local government, non-timber forest resource suppliers, small farmers and gatherers and supported by international cooperation enterprises for sustainable development we aim to give back to the local communities.

As strong supporters of fair trade practices we are committed to providing alternative income to indigenous communities, thus discouraging deforestation for timber trade. We also have a concerted effort to preserve the local indigenous knowledge about the therapeutic use of the medicinal plants.

With a distribution center in North America and a reliable list of shipping providers we are capable of delivering our products safely, quickly, and securely from our manufacturing plant to anywhere in the world."