We've gone beyond the Amazon
• Atlantic Forest • Caatinga • Cerrado • Pantanal.

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What we Stand For

BRAZILIAN BIOMES - We've gone beyond the Amazon. LOur ingredients are sustainable sourced from Brazilian Amazon, Pantanal, Atlantic Forest, Caatinga and Cerrado biomes.
CLEAN TECHNOLOGY Our ingredients are processed in a modern facility where we employ • Recycling • Using renewable energy • Electric motors • Green chemistry.

Sustainable Harvested Botanicals

SELECTED BOTANICALS • Hand-picked • Sustainable • Wild-harvested • Fairly-Traded.

Excellence in quality is our highest priority. This includes the selection of the raw material we use to process our ingredients to the customer satisfaction when and after our products are delivered to our customers.

From the Amazon Forest and beyond we provide a full range of whole, raw, unmodified active ingredients made from seeds, flowers, leaves, barks, roots following ancient traditions and knowledge of medicinal plants substantiated by scientific research in ethnobotany and pharmacology.

Being a point to achieve the highest quality assurance we understand sustainability is beyond a concept and this is a determinant of what we have been doing to preserve our forests, which are vital for our civilization to survive.

We work effortless to facilitate and maintain indigenous people and nature in an effort to co-exist in productive harmony providing that social and economic fulfillment are requirements of present and future generations.

Fair trade
Supported by local government and cooperating enterprises for sustainable development BioBrazil Botanicals has been partners with entire indigenous communities, small farmers, local villagers and gatherers.

Providing equipment, technical, environmental knowledge and training our company encourages them to organize themselves in Cooperatives for sustainable harvesting of the plants we use to manufacture our products instead of cutting down the trees for the timber, has been one of the best and most effective ways of encouraging environment preservation, saving the forests for future generations.

This mutually beneficial and respectful relationship with small producers and/or cooperatives has been bringing significant changes in their lives by increasing productivity and generating alternative income. By paying thousands of indigenous people fair profit we are giving them opportunity to fully benefit from their labor and knowledge of the forest resources we all need for survival.

PREMIUM PRODUCTS Our raw material are processed with no contact with excessive heat or chemical substances in a way to preserve the integrity of all active beneficial properties of the plants resulting in potent, selected highly effective ingredients in full strength to be used by cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries manufacturers.

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